Slotfather Part II Slot Machine from BetSoft


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While sequels don't usually tend to imporve on the original, this is one case where the exception proves the rule. The Slotfather has been one of BetSoft's most popular titles of recent years so it was only natural that it would be revisited and rebooted in the hope to convert more fans to this updated version of an online slots classic. The dynamics of the game haven't changed much but overall the game has a slicker look than its previous incarnation so as soon as you get started, you can easily see the difference in visual quality between the first and second versions.

Slotfather Part II Slot Machine from BetSoftSlotfather Part II Slot Machine from BetSoft

And with all that said, The Slotfather is back, along with all the familiar faces from the last edition including Frankie the Fixer, Fat Tony, Sammy Quickfingers as well as the main man in the story, the Slotfather himself. The game is still loaded with as many Mafia cliches as the original and the symbols are all inspired by classic Mafia characters with meat cleavers, Leaning Tower of Pisa paintings, heist vans, poker hands, bill folds, cigars and whiskey all appearing as well as all the aforementioned gang.

The Slotfather Part II has 243 paylines spread across five reels. The Wild symbol is represented by a crate filled with gold and only appears on the second or fourth reel in regular play though it pops up more often during free spins. The heist van is the Scatter symbol and two of them will lead to a Scatter win while three or more will land you some free spins. Once your free spins are over, you will also pick up a Big Boss bonus. There are also Gangster bonuses available. If you land a few symbols of the Gangsters on the reels, then you will get some bonuses depending on the character that appears with each character offering you different types of bonuses. Finally, whenever you win you can enter into a "double-or-nothing" bet which involves a coin toss so you have a fifty-fifty chance of winning this.

The Slotfather Part II has a lot of fun to be had for those who are interested in Mafia films and those who were fans of the original game will definitely be tempted to come back and have a go at this one as there's been a lot of innovation in the game and there is a noticeable improvement in the layout and design of the game. If you are interested in testing the game out before trying it for real, you are able to play it for free online.