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Ezugi is a games developer that has found its spot in the online gambling market and has burrowed in. Ezugi specialises in live dealer casino games that come with numerous additional features. Ezugi is the go-to company if you’re looking for a live dealer game. This company has a wide range of different variations of classic table and card games to enjoy and you can find them in all of the biggest online casinos


Ezugi is one of the online gambling world’s leading games developers and they owe that reputation to their dogged determination to perfecting and innovating the world of live dealer gambling. While there are thousands of games developers who have worked hard to develop live dealer games and all of these serve the same purpose, i.e. playing classic casino games with live dealers, Ezugi is the star of the team, the player who has grabbed the football and ran with it all the way to the end-zone. The resulting touchdown is the exploration of various ways to keep designing and improving live dealer games. Ezugi has taken it on itself to lead the way in this drive and this is why the company is resoundingly recognised as the leader in live dealer games for online casinos.

Wheel of Dice by EzugiWheel of Dice by Ezugi

The latest effort designed by Ezugi in their quest to redevelop the concept of live dealer gaming is a title called Wheel of Dice. Described by the company itself as a game that “operates in a similar way to Wheel of Fortune”, this is an interesting twist on two classic casino games: roulette and dice, with a hint of inspiration from slots machines as well. The setup of the game involves three circles spread across a casino table, each of which contains six differently-coloured and differently-numbered dice. The player chooses the dice they want for each circle so they end up with a total of three dice. Different combinations are worth different values and the payout for three of a kind changes depending on the dice involved. With the bet placed, the focus then turns to the live dealer who stands in front of three large spinning wheels, each one of which displays the number and colour of the winning dice. After a quick spin, the wheels come to a halt and the winning dice are called out.

Wheel of Dice is a straightforward game, mixing the simple gameplay of dice and the visual impact and suspenseful waiting of roulette. All you need to do in this game is choose whichever combination of dice tickles your fancy and wait for the wheel to finish spinning and finally reveal what the lucky numbers are. It’s a best-of-both-worlds combination.

If you are interested in giving Wheel of Dice a go, it is possible to find it at several leading online casinos, with Oshi.io being the most well-known online casino that allows you to play this game and make what you will of this interesting twist of two casino classics.