Bird of Thunder slot from Habanero

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Habanero Systems is one of the many high-profile names that are frequently seen at the Internet's most popular casinos when you have a look at the companies that supply these sites with their games. Originally based in Asia, Habanero Systems have begun expanding into the European market so expect to see their name around a lot more. You can expect to find some fascinatingly-detailed games being released under their name so they're worth a look..


Bird of Thunder slot is one of Habanero's most popular titles and a common feature in many of the online casinos which carry Habanero games. Inspired by Native American folklore, this is a run-of-the-mill slots game with a spin as you are treated to a story based around an ancient people and set in the wilderness of the American Southwest, complete with rust-coloured rocks and piercing cacti in the background. This is a game that taps into the rich cultural heritage of Native Americans and takes you along for a ride as you place your bets.

Bird of Thunder slot from Habanero

Bird of Thunder slot from HabaneroBird of Thunder slot from Habanero

Backed by a soothing soundtrack with lightly-pounding drums and rhythmic calls into the wild, this game offers a calm setting for those players who want to relax and take their time when playing online slots. The calmness that surrounds this game will take control of you and ensure that you won't lose your cool while you are placing your bets.

In Bird of Thunder slot, you must search for the titular character, an eagle with slicked back hair that causes the screen to flash whenever he appears, which counts as the Wild card. Upon finding him three times, you will be rewarded greatly. You will also meet the Bird of Thunder's friends such as the deer, the bear, the buffalo, the snake and the owl, all of which possess a serious gaze and are decorated in evocative colours and traditional headdresses. There are 30 playlines spread across five reels and apart from the animal symbols mentioned above, there is also a totem of an eagle which counts as the Scatter symbol. Three of these entitle you to ten free spins. There is also a bonus game that can be played when you win. You can go double-or-nothing by picking one of four cards and winning if it's higher than the dealer's.

Bird of Thunder is a relaxing game with a nod to the Native Americans that serves as the basis for this game. There are impressive graphics, especially with regards to the detail put into the facepaint that can be seen on all the animal symbols. The flashes that accompany the Wild and Scatter symbols are subtle and impressive while the background music is soothing. The game itself is a standard slots game with nothing particularly out of the ordinary but its theme and design is what makes it a game worth trying out.

If you go to Habanero's website, you can have a free trial of the game so you can decide if it's for you or not before playing for real at your favourite online casino.