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Habanero Systems is one of the many high-profile names that are frequently seen at the Internet's most popular casinos when you have a look at the companies that supply these sites with their games. Originally based in Asia, Habanero Systems have begun expanding into the European market so expect to see their name around a lot more. You can expect to find some fascinatingly-detailed games being released under their name so they're worth a look..


Fire Rooster is one of Habanero's leading titles and is a mainstay of many online casinos. No doubt inspired by the culture of Habanero's base of operations, this slots game is one that captures the essence of the Year of the Fire Rooster, of which 2017 happens to be.

Fire Rooster from Habanero

Fire Rooster HabaneroFire Rooster slot. Habanero

In Chinese astrology, the Rooster is seen as hardworking and observant while the Fire incarnation of the Rooster is also good at timekeeping. These three skills are ones that are more than useful when you are playing slots games. You need to keep your eye on whats going, keep going even if you're on a losing streak and make the most of the time you are putting into the game.

In Fire Rooster slot, you need to line up several Fire Rooster slot symbols to activate a big payout. The Fire Rooster slot is the Wild symbol and the Scatter symbol is a crown. Fire Rooster slot has a unique payout system as there are a total of 243 paylines but these do not appear in the conventional way. There are plenty of free spins to be won through a variety of combinations as well as numerous payouts that can be achieved with the help of the other symbols such as the centipede, the dragon and the multi-coloured gemstones that round out the set of symbols. There is also a Gamble option that always appears in Habanero which involves a double-or-nothing bet with the dealer that pays out if you have a higher card than the dealer.

Fire Rooster offers a relaxing setting for its slots. The game is a calm affair, there aren't lots of loud noises and flashing lights. There is a soothing soundtrack with a mellow rhythm pierced by Oriental pings and the feeling that you really have been taken around the globe to the Far East. The graphics are impressive, nothing less can be expected from a Habanero title. The gameplay is easy to get a hold of, again, just like other games developed and released by Habanero.

This is a game that is worth taking your time to give it a go as it is simple in how it works, its controls are easy, the payouts are varied and there is enough to keep you busy for a while. If this game happens to interest you, it is possible to have a go for free at many different sites around the Internet so there's no need to go all in straight away.