Dragonz Slot by Microgaming



Microgaming is a multi-faceted online gambling company which has an extensive history in the sector, going all the way back to the early days of the Internet itself. As a company that is not only involved in the creation of games, Microgaming also works with the services surrounding the management of online casinos such as marketing and customer support as well as developing casino management software.


Microgaming is a games developer that constantly delivers. Whether it be through impressive gameplay developments or through their graphic designs, it is a company that brings something interesting to the table every time it produces a new game. These games have a certain charm to them that draws you in and keeps you hooked and this is reflected across the whole range of titles Microgaming have on offer.

Dragonz Slot by MicrogamingDragonz Slot by Microgaming

Their latest offering is called Dragonz and tells the tale of a group of baby dragons as they go on their way to find their fortune. The four dragons are known as Flint, Switch, Frost and Gobble. The most important part of their presence in this game is their interaction with the slots as they come and go. The impressive level of graphics, along with the bright colours of the dragons which make the most of these designs, really come to the fore in this particular game.

The game itself has five reels and a whopping 243 paylines so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to pick up a win here. The symbols include the standard run of card-inspired symbols as well as ones including the aforementioned dragons: Flint (red), Switch (purple), Frost (blue) and Gobble (green). Each of these dragons is important as their presence influences the game in different ways as they all channel their own system of Wilds. Flint is able to conjure up even more Flaming Wilds with every spin. Next is Switch who makes use of Stashed Wilds which is marked with an emphatic bolt of lightning when three or more Wilds have been stashed. Frost will freeze non-winning wilds until they change into winning ones while finally Gobble has the ability to transform symbols into Winning Wilds with his slimy excretions.

Another important feature of the game is the free spins which, when accessed, opens a world of possibilities for its players. The free spins come with several different features that you can play so there’s a lot of player influence on how the game pans out.

Dragonz is a slots game that clearly involved a lot of work from the guys at Microgaming. This is evident in both the visual design of the game and also in the imagination used to come up with so many different possibilities of how to work your way through the game. With four different types of Wilds, as well as different ways for the free spins to pan out, this is a game that is packed full of variety and is bound to hold your attention as there’s constantly something new to discover.