Warlords: Crystals of Power Slot from NetEnt


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Warlords: Crystals of Power slot is a slots game developed by NetEnt which pits three decorated warriors against each other in the battle to collect the three crystals of power. The three warriors are the Samurai, accompanied by a wolf and red crystals, the Priestess and her black panther and green crystals and the Barbarian who is followed by a wild boar and the blue crystals. With such development put into the story for the game, it is hard to imagine that this is merely a slots game but that is what it is. The impressive amount of work and detail gone into this game's production is one reason to single it for playing if you happen to see it at any online casino.

Warlords: Crystals of Power SlotSWarlords: Crystals of Power Slot

Warlords: Crystals of Power slot uses a stunning visual display to capture the premise of its game and you are in for a treat if you play it. At every turn, there are simply astounding animations that pop out from the slots in front of you. With 30 paylines on five reels, the symbols you have are full-size ones for each of the warriors and their animals, a symbol each for the animals separately as well as a different symbol for each of the respective headpieces of the warriors. The Wild symbol is one of the three symbols together and the Scatter symbols are represented by coloured flags for each of the three warriors and appear randomly.

Money is won in this game by matching up different symbols across the reels, the most valuable of which being the Samurai, thus explaining his importance in the game. There is more detailed gameplay involved when you begin mixing the Scatter symbols around so this is one thing to be aware of. Autoplay is another feature available while it does not have a Gamble option after each win.

Warlords: Crystals of Power slot is, simply put, an incredibly designed effort for a slots game that will blow you away with its presentation. The graphics, the story developed and the thrilling animations will keep you hooked. This has all the feel of a game that you would find on the Xbox or the Playstation, such is the detail put into designing the game from start to finish. As a slots game, it is fairly straightforward and there is nothing out of the ordinary here for what is a standard online slots game. You can find it at several different online casinos as well as being able to try it for free at NetEnt's homepage.