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IsoftBet iSoftBet is one of the leading games developers for online casinos. The products it produces can be found across a wide range of different casinos. iSoftBet have an impressive inventory of games that can be played, including an extensive list of slots games, some of which have been inspired by television and films such as Platoon and Basic Instinct. While some of their other popular titles are RoboSmash, ForestMania and Slammin’7s.


Online Bitcoin casinos are a big business these days and there is an ever-growing, constant demand for the supply of games for them. There are plenty of companies out there who dedicate their time and effort to developing computer games for online casinos. The amount of different companies leads to healthy competition among the different companies and the high level of quality involved in the different games means that there are always going to be a great number of titles to choose from. The competition factor also means that each company is working harder to produce new games and these games are also of a higher quality, meaning that this is a great time for online gamblers to be looking for new games to play.

iSoftBet is just another example of these games developers and it is a company that has been building a significant online presence in recent years. iSoftBet is a company that develops casino games for both online and mobile casinos and has built strong relationships with several of the biggest online casinos around. iSoftBet is a company that has certified operations in several European countries and, as such, they have a good ability to craft products for use that will fall in line with all the legal requirements depending on the country the casino is based in.

Isoftbet Casinos GamesIsoftbet Casinos Games

iSoftBet create a wide range of online casino games and include a number of settings that are designed to encourage responsible gambling. These options can be set at the beginning of your gambling session and these will ensure you can keep control of your gambling when using their games. The controls include bet, deposit and time limits, all of which restrict the amount of money and time you spend playing their games. There are also self-exclusion tools which work by locking you out of a game for specific period of time. These additional features are a helpful tool for players when they get into a long gambling session.

The titles themselves run across a wide range of different ideas. There are also several branded games based around famous television programmes or films and the quality of the graphics is quite impressive as they try to stay true to the source material, such as Rambo, Rango and Basic Instinct. Some of its other more commonly-seen titles are Diamond Wild, Astro Magic and Cloud Tales. There is plenty of choice here.

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iSoftBet produce high quality games that will be sure to keep your playing for a long time!

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