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Online Bitcoin gambling is a big business and a profitable one, too. Both players and casinos have a lot of money to gain and, equally, they have a lot of money to lose. Of course, in every casino game, the stakes are high but for online casinos another thing on the line is their reputation.

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Within gambling, it is commonly believed among players that the house wants you to lose so that it can make more money from your players’ losses. While this is generally said tongue-in-cheek, there are plenty who believe it and who are reluctant to trust casinos as a result. However, casinos have been working on a way to prove that they are legitimate and not trying to fleece their customers.

This method is known as being “provably fair”. We’ve spoken previously about what provably fair is and why it’s important to know what it means and how it works. Essentially, provably fair is a system of formulas that are used to calculate how a game plays out. It is important for the player to know this and see how it works as it will reassure you that you lost, or won, fairly and that the casinos are playing by the rules. As such, being provably fair has become popular among online casinos as it guarantees customers that they are being treated fairly. However, in most cases, it’s not enough to simply say you are provably fair, you need to go out and prove it.

And this is where companies like iTech Labs

come into the picture. iTech Labs is an Australian-based IT solutions company which specialises in testing online and casino games, something which it has been doing for more than ten years. Backed by a team with an impressive and multi-layered amount of combined experience, this is a company that knows the gambling industry, both land and online, inside out and has spent countless hours checking that the games found on online casinos are up to scratch.

And they themselves have built quite a reputation on the strength of protecting the reputations of online casinos. A quick look through the list of clients found on their website will show you that several big-name casinos, as well as games suppliers and developers, put their faith in this company to prove the fairness in their games.

So the next time you are wondering if the casino you are using is provably fair and that the provably fair recommendation comes from a trusted source, look for the iTech Labs logo which should be found at the bottom of the page. This way you can confirm that the casino’s games are fair and fair to one of the highest standards around.